Rethink your drink - choose water first!

Rethink your drink

Overview: What are sugary drinks?

How do I know if a drink is high in sugar?

What are the best drink choices?

How can I drink fewer sugary drinks?

What are the best drink choices for my family?

The best choices are drinks without added sugars.

good drinks

Choose these drinks most often as they are the healthiest options:

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nutritious drinks high in sugar

Choose these drinks less often, as they can be nutritious but have more sugar

sugary drinks

Limit these beverages as they are very high in sugar and provide little nutrition:

tip sticky noteIf sugary drinks are not in your home, your family won't drink them

*Chocolate milk can be an option for children who refuse to drink 1% or 2% (white) milk. However, chocolate milk has added sugar. Adding sugar to milk greatly increases calories per serving. To lower the sugar content, try mixing chocolate milk with white milk. As per Canada’s Food Guide, 1 cup (250mL) is one serving of milk or fortified soy beverage.

** ½ cup (125mL) of 100% juice is one serving of fruit and vegetables. 100% fruit juice is fine in small amounts; however it can contain as much sugar as pop. As whole fruit contain more nutrients and fibre, it is important to eat fruit instead of drinking them.

sugar cubes in a spoon above a glass of water