Talking Turkey

A Safety Message from Durham Region Health Department

Turkey Talk

Never thaw a frozen turkey at room temperature on the kitchen counter.

Always refrigerate fresh turkeys.

Frequent and thorough hand washing is one of the most important ways to protect against germs.

Carefully clean counter tops and all utensils prior to preparing the turkey and any other foods.

When cooking the turkey, set oven no lower than 160°C (320°F).

It is highly recommended to cook stuffing separately from the turkey.

Once the meal is over, it is important to cool leftover meat, stuffing and gravy to a refrigerator temperature of 4°C (40°F) within six hours.

It is advisable to use refrigerated leftover turkey, gravy and stuffing within two to three days.

When reheating leftover turkey, gravy and stuffing, ensure that the final internal temperatures of each reach a minimum of 74°C (165°F) within two hours.