Well Water Safety

Taking a Water Sample

Step 1

Use a water sample bottle with attached form provided by the Health Department or Public Health Lab

Step 2

Remove all attachments from the faucet including the aerator, rubber washer and any hoses

Step 3

Make sure to disinfect the tap with alcohol or plain bleach (5.25% sodium hypochlorite)

Step 4

Run cold water tap for a minimum of 5 minutes

Step 5

Unscrew cap from water sample bottle

Be sure not to contaminate the inside of the cap or the neck of the sample bottle with your fingers

Step 6

Fill bottle to 200ml water line indicated
on bottle

Step 7

Screw cap on tightly

Step 8

Complete form that is provided with water sample bottle
Remember to record the PIN in order to gain access to your results over the phone

Step 9

Place filled bottle into an insulated cooler with ice pack and transport to the
nearest drop off location

Note: All laboratories must receive water samples within 24 hours of the sampling date. All late submissions will not be tested.