Durham Region Health Neighbourhoods

Neighbourhood Profiles of Durham Region Updated

Durham Region Profile


Pickering boundary lines on a map

Pickering Profile

Frenchman's Bay (P1)
West Rouge (P2)
Amberlee (P3)
Dunbarton (P4)
Pickering City Centre (P5)
Brock Ridge Pickering (P6)
Pickering North (P7)


Ajax boundary lines on a map

Ajax Profile

Ajax Waterfront (A1)
Downtown Ajax (A2)
Carruthers (A3)
Central Ajax (A4)
Riverside-Hermitage (A5)
Westney Heights (A6)
Applecroft (A7)
Ajax Northwest (A8)
Ajax Northeast (A9)


Whitby boundary lines on a map

Whitby Profile

Whitby South (W1)
Downtown Whitby (W2)
Cochrane South (W3)
Manning (W4)
Williamsburg (W5)
Whitby Brock North (W6)
Dryden-Anderson (W7)
Dryden East (W8)
Brooklin East (W9)
Brooklin West (W10)


Oshawa boundary lines on a map

Oshawa Profile

Lakeview (O1)
Gibb West (O2)
Downtown Oshawa (O3)
Central Park (O4)
Grandview South (O5)
Stevenson North (O6)
Hillsdale (O7)
Beatrice South (O8)
Grandview North (O9)
Beatrice North (O10)
Oshawa Northwest (O11)
Oshawa Northeast (O12)


Clarington boundary lines on a map

Clarington Profile

Courtice South (C1)
Courtice North (C2)
Bowmanville South (C3)
Bowmanville Central (C4)
Bowmanville North (C5)
Darlington (C6)
Clarke (C7)


Scugog boundary lines on a map

Scugog Profile

Port Perry (S1)
Rural Scugog (S2)


Uxbridge boundary lines on a map

Uxbridge Profile

Urban Uxbridge (U1)
Rural Uxbridge (U2)


Brock boundary lines on a map

Brock (B1)

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