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Concussion in Sports


What is a concussion?

Dr. Mike Evans
St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto

Youth Brain

Why are youth at greater risk of sports injury/concussions?

What can you (parents, coaches, educators) do to reduce the risk of a concussion?

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Prevention is the key treatment for concussion. Parents, coaches and educators should teach and encourage children engaged with sports to be aware of the need and strategies to prevent concussion on themselves and other players. In order to reduce the risk of concussions, players are encouraged to:

What can you do as a parent to reduce your child’s risk of sports injury?

Help your teen make good choices by:

What can I do as a coach to reduce the risk of sports injury?

What should I do as a coach if a concussion occurs?

How do I know a concussion has occurred?

What are the guidelines to return to school or play when a concussion occurs?

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