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A Parent's Guide to Teen Driving: You Are An Important Role Model

As the parent of a teen driver...

True or False

I always wear my seatbelt.

I never use my cell phone while driving.

I always drive the speed limit.

I always drive at a safe distance from other cars.

I always drive focused and alert (not impaired by alcohol, medications, drugs or fatigue).

I am aware of Ontario's Graduated Licensing System and driving laws.

I have talked to my teen about the risks of teen drivers and passengers.

I know the greatest threat to my teen driver is inexperience.

I believe my teen is responsible and mature enough to start driving.

I give my teen the freedoms they have earned, set firm limits and follow through on consequences.

I keep track of my teen's driving including practice hours and road conditions.

I have talked with parents of my teen's friends to agree on driver and passenger rules.

I praise my teen for using good judgment, following rules and improving their driving skills.

I have asked my teen to call me anytime they feel unsafe to drive or ride as a passenger.

If answered "True" to most of the questions, you and your teen are likely ready to begin this new and exciting stage. This booklet is meant to help you guide your teen to become a safe driver and passenger.

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