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A Parent's Guide to Teen Driving

Parents Speak Out

Things have changed so much since I learned to drive. The roads are more busy, we have cell phones, and car insurance is much more expensive. I'm taking driving a lot more seriously with my kids than my parents did with me.

My daughter insisted on taking the car to school the day after she got her licence. She was so excited to show off to her friends. How could I say ''no"? I know they went driving around at lunch time. I was so nervous at work that day, I shouldn't have let her have the car.

My son knows I'll drive him where he needs to go until he gets more driving experience. I'd rather stay up late to pick him up from a friend's house than worry about him driving at night with friends.

Expect to disagree with your teen when the topic of driving rules and consequences comes up. It's all part of the experience. Stay positive and do what is best for the safety of your teen.

Life is about making choices. Give your teen lots of driving experience, review the rules and consequences and learn to respect each other. You have to let them go, knowing you have done your job well.

It made it a lot easier knowing many of my son's friends. They all played hockey together and as parents, we talked regularly at games and practices. When our children were at the stage of getting their licences', we were all on the same page about driving. There was less chance for them to do something they shouldn't because they all had the same rules. So if my son said ''but Jason's mom said he could", I'd know he was lying.

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