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Teens Can - Building Resilient Teens

Parents and guardians can help build resilient teens

You play a vital role in helping your teen become resilient.

Resiliency is the ability to handle life’s ups & downs in positive ways.

To become more resilient your teen needs:

A positive connection with a caring adult will benefit your teen Supportive relationships

Good coping skills will help your teen respond better to stress. Healthy coping

Looking for the hopeful side of things can help your teen see challenges as opportunities. Optimistic thinking

Understanding emotions helps your teen respond well to their own feelings and to others Emotional awareness

Solving problems, making decisions and learning new skills, will help your teen succeed in life. Skills for living

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75% of teens say their parents influence the decisions they make.
Learn about parent self-care.

Watch this video and take small steps with your teen to build resiliency.