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Duffin’s Bay Achieves Success with their Vegetable and Fruit Challenge!

A group of students on a Health Action Team at Duffin’s Bay Public School were eager to see staff and students eating more vegetables and fruit. They put their big idea into action and involved the whole school in a fun vegetable and fruit challenge.

Quick Quiz. What do you think is the percentage of Durham residents aged 12-17 and over that eat vegetables and fruit 5 or more times a day? a)75% b)38% c)54%. Answer: If you said b. 38%, you are right! (Canadian Community Health Survey, 2014). This means less than half our kids are getting what they need!

Fun Facts

Steps to Success

The Amazing Results

The team achieved their learning goal of supporting the school to learn about the nutritional benefits of vegetables and fruit and to try something new. They also met their success criteria to be able to identify new fruit and vegetables and learn about their health benefits. Congratulations to Duffin’s Bay for achieving the Gold level - Healthy School Award for 2015-2016 and supporting health in their school!

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