SEXed Manual For Educators

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This online manual is designed to support educators in teaching sexual health to students in grades 9-12. SEXed contains evidence-based lesson plans, activities, references and links to community resources in Durham Region.

The manual includes information that will assist in implementing the 2015 Ontario Curriculum for Health & Physical Education.

In addition to the manual, a SEXed teaching kit can be signed out. The teaching kit contains samples of various contraceptive methods, barrier methods to prevent against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and teaching aids (penis and vagina models) to assist the education of students/youth. To request a SEXed teaching kit, please complete the resource order form or contact one of our sexual health clinics.

*This manual has been approved by DDSB for use in grades 9-12.

Lessons by Grade

Grade 9 - PPL10

Relationships and Decisions


STI Lesson 1

STI Lesson 2

Reducing Sexual Risk

Safer Sex

Gender Roles and Sexual Orientation

Consent, Sexual Assault and Sexting

Grade 10 - PPL20

Personal Values, Sexuality and Culture

Grade 11 - PPL30

Reproductive Health Lesson 1

Reproductive Health Lesson 2

Grade 11 - PPZ3C

Social Influences on Sexuality and Gender Roles

Grade 12 - PPL40

Changing Relationships

Media Influences on Sexuality