It's Better to be Idle-Free

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It’s something we’ve all experienced – walking past a parked vehicle with its engine running but going nowhere.

An idling engine releases twice as many exhaust fumes as a vehicle in motion, polluting our air for no good reason. This pollution is a significant contributor to environmental and health problems like climate change and smog.

Air quality is getting worse every year, and with the increasing number of smog days just breathing becomes a health risk. Vehicle idling also costs Canadians millions of dollars in wasted fuel and is damaging to your car.

The good news is that idling is one environmental problem and health threat that is easy to fix – all it takes is the turn of a key. Anyone who drives a vehicle can be part of the solution. The goal is to get drivers to spare the air by turning their engines off when stopped for more than 10 seconds, except in traffic.

Become part of the solution and put a stop to engine idling. All it takes is the turn of a key.

Check the facts … vehicle idling does have an impact

What you may not know about vehicle idling

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