What "Spare The Air" Actions Can I Take If A Smog Alert Is Called?

Reduce car use

Walk, cycle, take public transit or carpool.

Drive clean

Reduce your need for electricity

By reducing the need for energy, not only do you save money, but you also reduce the demand for energy from oil and coal-fired generators which emit a significant amount of pollutants that contribute to smog.

Limit the use of small engine tools

Use air-friendly products

Don't light up on smog alert days

The smoke generated from these activities will further deteriorate air quality.

What Can I Do To Protect My Family and Myself During Smog Alert Days?

Stay indoors

Children, the elderly and people with chronic heart and lung ailments should remain indoors on smog alert days. Sensitive people may experience eye, nose and throat irritation, chest discomfort, difficult breathing and possible lung damage.

Delay exercising

Avoid strenuous activity on smog alert days. Even healthy individuals can suffer adverse health effects on smog alert days therefore, if strenuous activities or exercise are unavoidable, plan them in the early morning and avoid high traffic areas.

Educate your children