2003 West Nile Virus Activities

2003 Dead Bird Surveillance

2003 Adult Mosquito Surveillance

Equine Surveillance

Larviciding in 2003

Methoprene (PDF) pellets, a larvicide approved for use by MOE was used in targeted catch basins below the grates the week of June 16, June 30 and August 9, representing the 3 treatments for the 2003 year. It was not sprayed into the air.

Reliable Exterminators completed the third and final round of Region-wide larviciding on Friday, August 22, 2003. A total of 104,206 catch basins were treated during the 2003 season.

Surface Water Larviciding Program

Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) a granular larvicide approved for use by the MOE was applied to targeted surface water sites throughout the 2003 season. Twenty nine different surface water sites were larvicided with a total of 46 surface water treatments for the 2003 season.

All catch basins on municipal and regional properties were treated, except for sites bordering environmentally sensitive areas (PDF), which were excluded from any larviciding application by the Ministry of the Environment.