2004 West Nile Virus Activities

2004 Dead Bird Surveillance

2004 Adult Mosquito Surveillance

2004 Equine Surveillance

Larviciding in 2004

Catch Basin Larviciding Program

Methoprene (PDF) pellets were used in targeted catch basins to control mosquito larvae in 2004. A total of three larviciding applications to Regional and Municipal catch basins were completed in 2004. The first treatment took place between June 19 and 24. The second treatment began July 17 and was completed July 23. The third and final treatment occurred between August 7 and 13. A total of 132,770 catch basins were treated during the 2004 season.

Surface Water Larviciding Program

Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) (PDF), a granular larvicide was applied to targeted surface water sites throughout the 2004 season. A total of 72 individual surface water sites were treated during the 2004 season with a total of 172 surface water treatments this season.