Regional Incentives

Incentivizing redevelopment projects supports the key goals of the Regional Official Plan, to promote the efficient use of land and infrastructure, and to focus growth within intensification areas, including infill, redevelopment and conversion of existing buildings.

The following highlights a suite of Regional programs that support intensification projects in Durham:

Redevelopment Credits under the Development Charges By-laws

The Region's Development Charges (DC) By-laws include provisions for a DC credit for the redevelopment of an existing site, where a building (residential or non-residential) is either demolished or redeveloped. The DC credit for a demolished building is applicable for a 10-year period, from the date of issuance of the first demolition permit.

The credit is provided for redevelopment projects, even if the DCs were never paid on the original building. The credit applies if the existing building being demolished or redeveloped would be subject to development charges under the Region's current development charges by-laws. Projects can potentially receive both a DC credit and assistance through the Regional Revitalization Program (RRP).

For more information, please contact the Region's Works Department: 905-668-7711, extension 3342.

Development Charge Exemptions

The Region's DC By-laws provide a number of exemptions:

For more information, please contact the Region's Works Department: 905-668-7711, extension 3342.

Intensification Servicing Policy

Residential intensification in the built-up areas can often require sanitary sewage system improvements, which were not previously planned. Any such improvements, which are not "local services" (i.e. linear components of the system of minimum size to service the subject development), can potentially use this policy to fund those improvements.

Developers may apply for sanitary sewer infrastructure upgrades for residential development in the following circumstances if:

For more information, please contact the Region's Works Department: 905-668-7711, extension 3342.

Regional Revitalization Program

The Regional Revitalization Program (RRP) is intended to assist Durham's area municipalities in achieving the unique needs and specific goals they've identified through their Community Improvement Plans (CIPs). To determine if your site is within a CIP area, please contact the appropriate area municipality.

The RRP aims to strategically target Regional investment within CIPs through the provision of financial assistance and/or in-kind servicing in order to assist the area municipality in bridging the financial gap faced by certain redevelopment projects, which have challenges due to site conditions, under-developed markets and/or costs related to restoration or historical building elements. Projects approved under this program must advance the goals of the Regional Official Plan and achieve positive economic and community objectives.

The RRP is application-based and requires the submission of a business case, with the area municipality acting as the lead applicant. The allocation of Regional resources must be approved by Regional Council and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

PDF   Guidelines for the Regional Revitalization Program - January, 2016 (PDF)

For more details on the RRP, including project eligibility, please contact the Region's Finance Department: 905-668-7711, extension 3369.