The Region of Durham Business Count

Terms of Use

The Region of Durham and its area municipalities will use the data collected through the Business Count as summarized in the following table.

Data Terms of Use
Business Name Public
Business Description Public
General Business Contact Information
Business Address Public
Mailing Address Public
Business Phone Number Public
Business Fax Number Public
Business Email Public
Business Website Public
Business Details
"Are you a manufacturing business? If yes, what market sector does your business serve?" Aggregate
Home-Based Business Aggregate
Number of Employees Aggregate
"Are you hiring in the future?" Aggregate
"Is your operation unionized?" Aggregate
Total Floor Space Aggregate
Farm – Acres Aggregate
"Are you planning on expanding your floor space?" Aggregate
"Is your floor space Owned or Leased?" Aggregate
NAICS Public
Year Business Established Aggregate
Year Business Established at this location Aggregate
Locations outside of the Region Aggregate
Import/Export Aggregate
Legal Status Aggregate
Ownership Form Aggregate
Skills Shortage Aggregate
Contact Names Private


Durham Region and Area municipal staff may use this information publically, unless otherwise notified. For example, this information may be used in a regional or municipal business directory, or on an interactive web map.


Durham Region and Area municipal staff may use this information publically in an aggregated form. For example, the floor space square footage of a specific business will not be made public, but the total amount of floor space in a municipality could be used publically.


Durham Region and Area municipal staff will only use this information for internal purposes and will not share or publish the information.