Arterial Corridor Guidelines

Through the preparation of the Durham Transportation Master Plan, it was determined that there was a need to develop guidelines and implementation strategies for arterial corridors that would result in rights-of-way becoming more responsive to the character of local and adjacent land uses while recognizing the specific activities that occur within, and adjacent to, arterial road Rights-of-way.

The Arterial Corridor Guidelines assist in promoting a balance between mobility and liveability in the planning, design and construction of features within and abutting the public road allowance. These guidelines provide a toolbox of potential strategies and common reference points to be applied in the planning and design of arterial road corridors by the Region of Durham, the various municipalities, the public and other interested parties.

The guidelines supplement, not replace, existing transportation guidelines and design standards – broadening the conditions and issues that are considered in the design of arterial roads.

The Arterial Corridor Guidelines (PDF - 11MB) were formally received by Regional Council in February 2007.