Travel Time Study

Since 1996 and every two years thereafter, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has conducted a Travel Time Study on the Provincial highway network in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  Survey data is collected for the study using a fleet of GPS equipped passenger cars travelling at the average speed of the traffic stream, covering the weekday morning, midday and afternoon peak periods.  Labour Day weekend and fall weekend surveys are also conducted are also conducted as part of the study.  The results are used to monitor facility performance, and identify critical road sections for consideration in future road improvement projects and traffic management strategies.

The 2008 Travel Time Study was undertaken by IBI Group and Ontario Traffic Inc., on behalf of MTO.  For the first time, the Region of Durham partnered in the study, along with Toronto, York and Peel.  Each agency selected certain arterial roads to be included as part of the study, of which approximately 710 km of arterial roads were surveyed in Durham (in both directions of travel).