Business Affairs and Financial Management

Financial Management

Business Affairs and Financial Management staff works in conjunction with Income and Employment Support staff, assuring accountability in the accurate production, management and timely delivery of social assistance cheques, while adhering to both Regional policies and provincial legislation.

Cheque production and pick-up procedures

Business Affairs and Financial Management staff is responsible for the production, reconciliation and distribution of Ontario Works financial assistance cheques. Staff that perform these functions adhere to provincial legislation, policies and procedures, and regulatory banking processes. Quality measures are in place and regular reviews are completed for application and adherence to provincial and Ontario Works legislation, as well as to Regional by-laws. It is critical that financial accuracy and accountability are in place.

When an applicant who is issued financial assistance comes into the office to pick up a cheque, or a third party comes in on their behalf, appropriate identification is required in order for the cheque to be released.       

Acceptable identification for cheque pick up

The following are acceptable identification for cheque pick up:

Cheques will be available for pick up on an exception only basis. You need to consult your caseworker for approval. Direct banking deposit is available and is the preferred method of payment.

Assignments and reimbursements

The intent is to recover the amount of interim assistance paid to a participant that has been duplicated by another source or agency.

There are nine different types of assignments:

We provide financial assistance to qualified individuals for indigent funerals. We ensure accurate processing of funerals, adhering to Region of Durham policies and procedures.


Where a participant has received financial assistance that he/she is not eligible to receive, an overpayment will be established, and the recovery of the overpayment will be done effectively and fairly.

Business Affairs and Financial Management staff handles recovery of overpayments for inactive cases. Delinquent accounts, including those incurred as a result of fraud or intent to defraud (misrepresentation), may be pursued through the civil court system or a collection agency.

If a participant has received social assistance in the Province of Ontario, their overpayment will automatically follow them and be reactivated at their ongoing Ontario Works site.

Repayment options: