Child Care and Children's Programs

Adjustment to the provider home

If the choice was a good one, the child will:

When a child is first separated from his/her parent, it is normal for him/her to cry or fuss. It is very important to the child that the parent leaves him/her with the provider, tell him/her "goodbye" and that you will return at a certain time. Time for young children is best understood by the child in relation to his/her activities. The parent might say, "I'll pick you up shortly after you have had your afternoon snack."

The length of time that a child takes to adjust, and the ease of the adjustment, will vary depending on the child. One child could take several weeks, while another child could be content right away.  Before settling down, one child might express outrage immediately, while another child might not react for a week or so and then let out his/her anger.

Understand that it is not unusual for a young child to temporarily change his/her behaviour, while adjusting to a new setting.

What to do if problems arise

No matter how careful you have been in choosing a provider, sometimes it doesn't work out.  Neither the parent nor the provider should be upset if the home is not right for the child. It is not anyone's fault. If you, or your child, are unhappy with your new child-care arrangement, you will want to talk to the provider to see if the two of you can determine what the problem is. This should be done with tact and without accusation. The child should not be able to hear the discussions.

The "Home Visitor" should be called and his/her help requested. If the problems cannot be solved, he/she will suggest other placements that you might explore.

If it is decided that a child-care centre would be a better setting for your child, you will need to speak with your caseworker to request a transfer.

With good exploratory work by the parent before making the child care choice, private home care can be a very rewarding, stimulating and caring program for your child.

The aim is to satisfy you and meet the needs of your child.