Child Care and Children's Programs

Private home child-care agencies

There are several private home child-care agencies operating in this area.

All are licensed by the Province of Ontario and operate under the regulations of the “Child Care and Early Years Act”.

Your caseworker will give you the names of these agencies, together with the names and numbers of the contact people.

Private home care is one of the child-care options that we offer, and its unique qualities make it the program choice for many families.

The program provides a family setting, which can bend more easily than a child-care centre, to allow for individual needs. For children who have difficulty with group situations, are intimidated, over stimulated or frustrated with the rules, this can be the program of choice. For parents working shifts, which do not fit into child-care centre hours, this program can provide the needed flexibility. Families that wish to keep siblings of differing ages together can be accommodated more readily in private home care.

The agency staff you will deal with most directly are called a "Home Visitor" or "Field Worker", depending on the agency. These staff are professionals with training and experience in Early Childhood Education. They are committed to ensuring that the children placed in private homes receive quality care. These are the staff who locate suitable homes, and make sure that providers reach the required level of training to provide adequately for all the needs of the children in their care. 

The “Home Visitor” will assist you with your child-care placement. They will be the third member of the team—provider/parent/“Home Visitor”—supporting the child-care arrangements for your child.  

Providers are people who have opened their home to provide care for families in the community who need it. Their home must meet the requirements of local building, health and fire departments. References are also required and followed up on by the agencies. Once providers are registered with an agency, they are eligible to attend training workshops and participate in play groups, caregiver/child programs, library groups and any other available community activities.

All providers are visited by the “Home Visitor” at least once a month. They are subject to spot checks at any time by the agency supervisor, the program manager from the Children’s Services Division and the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services, which licenses the agencies.

Providers may care for a maximum of five children. Note: Their own children, under the age of six, are included in the maximum amount. They may care for no more than two children under the age of two, and no more than three children under three years of age.