Child Care and Children's Programs

Selecting a private home for child care

We know that parents have differing requirements of a provider home. We encourage each parent to visit a potential provider’s home and assess it with his or her own priorities in mind.

The following are some areas of common concern. Observation will be sufficient in some areas, while in others, the parent would ask specific questions.

Where will the following activities take place?

Is the home safe and suitable for your child?

Are some areas of the home, which may be dangerous, off limits to children?

Does the home meet your own standards of housekeeping?

Is there smoking in the home?

Are there pets in the home?

Where will your child rest? How long is the rest period?

What are the daily activities?

How does the home feel?

Who else will be in the home?

The other people in the provider's home influence the care he/she gives the children.

What are the rules of the house?

If you are seeking a child-care home through an agency, many of these rules will be agency requirements or regulations of the “Child Care and Early Years Act”.

What health habits are encouraged in the home?