Housing and Homelessness

How DRLHC Rent Charges Are Calculated

All DRLHC tenants pay rent that is based on 30% of their gross household monthly income. Utility charges such as hydro and cable are extra.

For example, if a household receives $1,000 per month from a combination of pension income and interest from bank accounts, the rent charge would be:

$1000 x 30% = $300
plus utilities + $37
Total Rent $337

Please note: If there is a change in household income, family composition or other information previously provided, you must notify your housing provider in writing within 10 days. Failure to properly report household income changes could jeopardize your eligibility for rent geared-to-income.

If you are a tenant of the DRLHC, and have a concern about the rent you are being charged or have income changes to report, contact our office at 905-666-6222.