Housing and Homelessness

Guest Policy

Guests shall not be permitted to remain in the rental unit longer than seven days without the prior written consent of the Region.

When requesting permission for a guest to stay longer than seven days please provide, in writing, to Housing Services, P.O. Box 623, Whitby, ON  L1N 6A3 the following information:

The Property Manager will confirm in writing the length of the stay permitted.

Requests may be refused if it appears that the guest does not intend to leave at the end of the agreed-to term or the guest's behaviour has disturbed the quiet enjoyment of other tenants.

In the event that a tenant's guest stays in the unit longer than seven days, without the written approval of the Region, the guest shall be deemed to be an illegal occupant. The guest must leave the unit or complete an application to be added to the tenant's lease and be assessed for rent geared-to-income eligibility. Failure to do so will result in a termination of the tenant's rent geared-to-income assistance.

Remember: At all times tenants are responsible for the behaviour of their guests.