Housing and Homelessness

Internal Transfer Policy (within the DRLHC housing portfolio)

Special Priority Tenants

If you are living with someone who is abusing you or a member of your household and you want to permanently separate from that person, you will receive priority for a transfer to another location owned by DRLHC or another social housing provider.  You must complete the Special Priority verification package.  If there is more than one Special Priority applicant on the internal transfer list, applicants will be ranked chronologically by request date.  However, special priority tenants who are still living with the abuser will be given higher priority.

Overhoused Tenants

If you have a larger unit than that for which you are eligible under the Region’s occupancy standards, your name will be placed on the waiting lists of all DRLHC buildings, in your municipality, which have the appropriate size of unit.  At the same time you may request to have your name added to the waiting lists of any buildings on the Durham Access to Social Housing (DASH) centralized waiting list by calling your Property Manager.   If after one year you have not accepted an appropriate sized unit that is offered to you, your name will be placed on the DASH waiting list for all social housing buildings in your municipality that have appropriately sized units.  Your application date will be the date you were first eligible for rent geared-to-income subsidy.   If you receive a total of three offers, for either DRLHC buildings or buildings on the DASH list, or if you refuse to be added to the transfer waiting list, or remove your name from the waiting list, you will cease to be eligible for rent geared-to-income assistance and your rent will be increased to the full market rate.

Underhoused Tenants

If you live in a rental unit that is smaller than that for which you are eligible, you may apply for a larger unit by contacting your Property Manager.  Your application date will be the date you requested a larger unit.

Extraordinary Situations

If you have an extraordinary health or safety related reason for requesting a transfer, the Property Manager may consider the request.    You must not owe rent in your current unit, and you may be required to take the new unit in an "as is" condition.  There must also not be damage to your unit or a history of disturbing the quiet enjoyment of other tenants.  These requests will only be considered after any SPP transfer requests and overhoused transfer requests have been considered unless the transfer would make available a suitable unit for an SPP or overhoused transfer request.