Housing and Homelessness

Alternative Housing

What is alternative housing?

Some housing providers offer alternative housing for people who have experienced homelessness or who have had difficulty finding and maintaining tenancies. These providers offer support services to their residents to assist them in transitioning into the community, and each serves a particular type of tenant.

People who live in alternative housing are eligible for RGI assistance.

How to apply for alternative housing?

Alternative housing providers maintain their own waiting lists and are not listed on the RGI application form. To apply to an alternative housing provider, you must contact them directly.

Alternative Housing Providers

Cornerstone Community Association Durham Inc.

454 Bloor St. E., Oshawa

Houses single transient men and women.

John Howard Society

298-300 Anderson St., Oshawa

Houses youth aged 16 to 22.

YWCA of Oshawa

55 McGrigor St., Oshawa

Houses women with a history of emotional or psychiatric problems, woman-led sole-support parent households, physically disabled women, and abused women.

There are also some alternative housing units available at: