Housing and Homelessness

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For general inquiries, please email housingservices@durham.ca.

View Map of Office LocationHousing Services Division
605 Rossland Rd. E., Whitby, ON  L1N 6A3
Phone: 905-666-6222 (or toll-free at 1-800-669-2956 )
Fax: 905-666-6225

John Connolly, ext. 2500   
Director of Housing Services
Contact for New Housing Development

Cindy McCreight, ext. 2463
Administrative Assistant

Roberta Jagoe, ext. 2472
Policy Analyst

Housing Administration

Alan Robins, ext. 2482
Manager of Housing Programs

Valerie Cook, ext. 2496
Eligibility Review Officer - Fraud

Diane Tan, ext. 3973
Housing Co-ordinator

Sherril Belille, ext. 2458
Housing Co-ordinator

Mary La Chapelle, ext. 2503
Housing Co-ordinator

Laura Lavoy, ext. 2498
Program Assistant

Rebecca Phillips, ext. 2475

Applicant Supports

Diana Chappell, ext. 2484
Program Manager

Lori Barber, ext. 2461
Housing Co-ordinator

Erin Valant, ext. 2473
Homelessness Programs Co-ordinator

Marie Nesbitt, ext. 2490
Eligibility Assistant

Brynn Harlock, ext. 2457
Eligibility Assistant

Robin Coombs, ext. 2474
Program Assistant

Cathy Berte, ext. 2453
Program Assistant

Brenda Reid, ext. 2491
Program Assistant

Darryl Menchion, ext. 2483
Program Assistant

Brenda Caughey, ext. 2456
Program Assistant

Housing Operations

Eleanor MacDonald, ext.2477

Property Managers

Lynn Alexander, ext. 2450

Kaye Banfield, ext. 2486

Jackie Quinn, ext. 3618

Property Management Clerks

Mylan McErlean, ext. 2485

Christine Kruczek, ext. 2826

Sally Bouwmeester, ext. 2455

Angie Bianca, ext. 2476


Ron Coghill, ext. 2505
Maintenance Supervisor