Housing and Homelessness

Regional Review Panel

The Regional Review Panel is the legislated review body responsible for conducting appeals of certain decisions pertaining to rent-geared-to-income (RGI), special needs housing and priority placement on the waiting list. The Panel also hears appeals of decisions pertaining to the Durham Housing Benefit (DHB), the Housing Stability Program (HSP) and other housing or homelessness programs that may be established by the Region of Durham.

The Regional Review Panel is an impartial body composed of representatives from housing providers, Durham Access to Social Housing (DASH) and the Housing Services Division or other divisions of the Department of Social Services. A roster of interested participants from each of these sectors is maintained and updated on a regular basis.

When a Regional Review is requested, a panel of three members will be convened consisting of:

The Regional Review Panel is an independent body that does not represent the service manager or housing provider. If a panel member was involved in the decision under review, they will be disqualified from the Regional Review Panel for the case in question. Additionally, members from the housing provider or DASH sectors will not participate in any Regional reviews related to housing projects or providers with which they are associated.

Information obtained during the conduct of a Regional Review is confidential and is not shared outside of the review. All members of the Regional Review Panel are required to sign confidentiality agreements.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Regional Review Panel, you will need to complete the Regional Review Panel Membership Application (PDF) and return it to the Housing Services Division.

The Region of Durham reserves the right to accept, deny or repeal anyone's membership on the Regional Review Panel.

For more information about appeals and the Regional Review Process, see Directive 2014-04 Regional Review Process.