Housing and Homelessness

Special Needs

What is special needs housing?

Special needs housing is available for people that require:

There are a number of housing providers that offer special needs housing units within their projects. You do not need to be eligible for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) assistance to apply for special needs housing, but if you need subsidy you must complete an application for RGI assistance.

How to apply for a modified unit

If you would like to apply for a modified unit, you must complete the Application for RGI or Modified Housing form. If you are eligible for a modified unit, you will be placed on the DASH wait. If you are also eligible for RGI, you will begin to pay RGI when you move in to the modified unit.

For more information the wait list for modified units, contact Durham Access to Social Housing (DASH) office.

How to apply for supportive housing

If you require provincially modified support services to live independently, you can be referred directly to certain housing providers by your support agency. The following are some of the housing providers that have agreements with particular service agencies that help people live independently in the community:

Contact your support service provider to see if they have an agreement with any of these housing providers.