Fees and Permits Roads

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Property Access Applications/Entrance Permits

Required for all entrances abutting Regional Roads. Application can be made at 605 Rossland Rd. E. or at any Regional Depot. Applications

Curb Cutting

Actual Cost ($210.00 min.)

Road Occupancy

Permits can be obtained from 605 Rossland Rd., Whitby, or at any Regional Depot. An electronic version of the Road Occupancy/Moving Application (PDF) is available in PDF format.

Any request to open cut the travelled portion of the Regional Road must have been confirmed by Municipal Consent or approved by the Depot Superintendent.

Road occupancy permits are provided free of charge.

Municipal consent approval is required for all construction work on the road allowance with the exception of utility service connections (usually Telecommunication, Cable TV, and Gas).

Application can be made by email, fax 905-668-2051 or by office visit. Applicants are required to obtain all locates for their work.

Vendor Permits

Annual Fees and Charges - Works Department General Services

For more information regarding these fees please contact:

Region of Durham Works Department
605 Rossland Rd. E.
Whitby, ON   L1N 6A3
Phone: 905-668-7711
Toll Free: 1-800-372-1102
Fax: 905-668-2051
Email: works@durham.ca