Water Quality Reports

water dropAs part of Ontario's Drinking-Water Systems Regulation 170/03, the Regional Municipality of Durham, as a supplier and operator of public drinking water systems, is required to prepare and post on our website an annual report describing our waterworks and the quality of the drinking water we supply. The annual report is also available to the public free of charge.

Included in this annual report are reports for each water supply system within the Regional Municipality of Durham. The current report covers the period from January 1 to December 31, 2016.

The current Annual Water Quality Reports available are as follows:

What does Durham Region do to assure the safety of your water quality?

All of the Region's drinking water operational staff are licensed Operators through the Ministry of Environment's Certification examination and licensing programs.

The Region's drinking-water systems are operated according to the Drinking-Water Systems Regulation 170/03 which also requires continuous on-line monitoring, as well as weekly, quarterly, annual and every three (3) and five (5) year sampling and testing water quality at the drinking water treatment plant and in the distribution system. In many instances sampling and analysis is conducted above the regulation's sampling requirement.

All of Durham Region's water supply systems are accredited to the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 and the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001.

The Regional Municipality of Durham is fortunate to have its own accredited Environmental laboratory, located in the City of Pickering, allowing staff to submit samples for analyses immediately after sampling. All of the bacteriological parameters, along with many of the organic and inorganic parameters, are tested at this state-of-the-art facility.

The Region also engages in a number of water main maintenance programs to increase the life and hydraulic carrying capacity of water mains which also reduces instances of unpleasant tastes, offensive odours and discolouration of water.