Stakeholder Consultation Process

Stakeholder engagement and consultation is critical to the successful development of the ITS Strategic Plan. Without stakeholder participation and ultimately stakeholder buy-in, any proposed ITS solutions – no matter how technically sound – will have little likelihood of being successfully implemented.

Stakeholder consultation for the development of this ITS Strategic Plan will be conducted as outlined below.

Stakeholder Identification and Preliminary Contact

Initial contact with each agency is made via a letter of introduction from the Regional Municipality of Durham to briefly introduce the project, formally request their participation and cooperation in the project as a stakeholder, and to verify their interest in participating. Identification of a contact person will be requested.

Stakeholder Workshops

Two workshops will be conducted with the stakeholders.

Stakeholder Interviews

Prior to the first workshop, a series of interviews with select stakeholders will be conducted. These interviews will be used to collect inventory information, assess and/or clarify needs and assemble information from the stakeholders. Additional follow-up interviews with select stakeholders may also be required as the project progresses to address issues as they arise.

To encourage participation we will be posting project announcements, presentations, reports and other communication materials as the process evolves. The best way to stay up-to-date with the latest news about the project is to visit this Web section regularly.