Sewer Use By-Law No. 55-2013

The Sewer Use By-Law No. 55-2013 provides the municipality the ability to regulate discharges from industrial, commercial and institutional facility’s including restaurants, service centers and car washing facilities which have shown to represent a significant burden on the sanitary sewer collection system and water pollution control plants.

The By-law also regulates, draining chlorinated and salt water pools to sanitary and/or storm sewers on Regional Roads, from residential homes as well as commercial and institutional facilities to protect our sensitive water ways and the natural environment.

The By-law strengthens current prohibitions harmonizing areas of the By-law with York and Peel Region as well as surrounding GTA Municipalities.

To learn more about the Sewer Use By-law visit our frequently asked questions section, or if you have any questions regarding the Sewer Use By-law No. 55-2013, please call the Sewer Use By-law Office at 905-576-3352.