What is the Sewer Use By-law?

The Sewer Use By-law (#55-2013) regulates discharges into the sanitary and storm sewage collection systems that are owned and operated by the Region of Durham.

The by-law establishes limits for various pollutants that are being discharged into Regional sewers, while specifying provisions to control the discharge of otherwise prohibited wastes, such as hazardous wastes, heavy metals and other toxins.

Who is affected by the Sewer Use By-law?

The Sewer Use By-law applies to all discharges to any sanitary sewer in Durham Region, and all storm sewers on Regional roads. While the main focus of the Sewer Use Program is on industrial, commercial and institutional facilities (ICI), these limits and restrictions also apply to residential discharges.

Why do we need a Sewer Use By-law?

To ensure the protection of our lakes and streams, the Sewer Use By-law establishes legal and enforceable limits on materials, which may adversely affect public health, animals, property or vegetation. It also includes material that may impair or interfere with the normal operations of a regional water pollution control plant.

Who enforces the Sewer Use By-law?

The Sewer Use By-law Section, within the Technical Support Division of the Region of Durham’s Works Department, is responsible for the enforcement of By-law #55-2013.

Sewer Use By-law staff vigorously inspects monitors and samples ICI facilities within Durham Region. Staff is also responsible for investigating complaints, regarding sewer discharges from both ICI facilities and the public.

What are the penalties for by-law offences?

Violators charged under By-law #55-2013 can face financial penalties. If convicted of an offence, persons other than a corporation are liable for fines up to $10,000 for their first offence and up to $25,000 for subsequent convictions.

For more information regarding the Sewer Use By-law, please call, 905-576-3352 or write us at The Regional Municipality of Durham, Works Department, Sewer Use by-law Office, 2400 Forbes Street, Whitby, Ontario, L1N 8M3.