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Find information about free in–school presentations and workshops for your students as well as educational resources and videos.

General Information

Durham Region’s Waste Management Services Division has provided unique opportunities for Durham students to learn about the Region’s waste diversion programs for over 15 years through a variety of approaches including in–school programs.

Free in–school programs teach students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Durham Region about the 4Rs of integrated waste management – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.

What do the school programs cover?

Durham Region’s hands–on and interactive school programs support the Ontario Ministry of Education learning outcomes for science and technology and social studies for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12.

School programs motivate and challenge students and teachers alike to explore new attitudes and habits that generate less waste in their everyday lives:

Kindergarten – Waste Avengers

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This is a play–based program that provides students with hands–on opportunities to explore the world of recycling, composting and waste disposal. This centres-based workshop encourages young students’ natural curiosity. Curriculum Links

Grades 1–3 – Helping Hands in Your Community

This inquiry–based program, builds on student’s knowledge of being an active member in our community. Students will develop their understanding of recycling, composting and waste disposal while working collaboratively with other students. Curriculum Links

Grades 4–6 – Sustainable Actions

This program focuses on sustainability and stewardship. Students will learn how habitats, resources and biodiversity are impacted by the choices we all make. By participating in activities, students will think critically about how to make more sustainable choices. Curriculum Links

Grades 7–8 – Engaged Citizens

In this interactive program, students learn about how humans can have an impact on the environment. Students will learn that by participating in their local waste management programs, they can have a positive effect on their community and the world. Curriculum Links

Grade 9 – Science & Geography

These programs engage students in discussion around Durham Region’s Waste Management Programs. Students develop an understanding of how they contribute to the sustainable use of resources and the environment. Curriculum Links

Grade 10 – Science & Civics and Citizenship

Students will learn how their actions make a difference in the world and may reduce the impact of climate change. A brief overview of Durham Region’s Waste Management Programs will be discussed. Curriculum Links

Grade 11 – Environmental Science

This program focuses on Durham Region’s Waste Management Programs. Students will determine how their participation in these programs helps protect and sustain ecosystems. Students will be engaged in discussion on how they can modify their actions to promote sustainability.Curriculum Links

Grade 12 – Geography: CGM4M, CGU4M, CGW4U, CGR4E

Students will learn about the effect the Waste Management industry has on the environment. Discussion will revolve around sustainable actions students can take to mitigate degradation and reduce the impact of climate change. Curriculum Links

School Programs can be modified to meet classroom needs and themes. Content can be customized to focus on specific waste management topics, please let us know at the time of booking what area(s) you would like us to emphasize.

How do I book a school program?

School programs are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week during the school year. Please e-mail your request to to book a school program. Bookings need to be made in advance – preferably 3–4 weeks prior to your desired date. Registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis. Please register early as spaces are limited.

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Durham Region’s school programs are delivered to individual classes at a time (approximately 30 participants) in Kindergarten to Grade 12. Please note: smaller group sizes allow for more interactivity and a higher quality educational experience for students.

School programs are approximately one hour in duration and are typically delivered in the morning; however, accommodations may be possible for delivery in the afternoon. Individual schools may book up to 3 programs per day or a maximum of 6 programs per school year.

Presentations and workshops for school EcoTeams and teachers (PA Days) can also be provided. Please e-mail with your specific request.

School Program Requirements

Kindergarten – Grade 3:

Grades 4 – 12:

For all presentations:


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