Apartment and Townhouse Recycling program

Apartment and townhouse recycling

In 2014, the Region provided weekly recycling collection service to 372 multi-residential buildings with 23,884 dwelling units. Multi-residential units represent approximately 13 per cent of the overall residential households within the region, and this number is growing.

The Region of Durham does not provide waste collection to all apartments and townhouses. See below for a list of buildings that receive collection services.

Apartment and Townhouse Collection Locations

Man recyling cardboard

Any properties not listed receive private waste collection.

Each residential unit serviced by the Region in apartment buildings or townhouse complexes are provided with a Residents Recycling Kit. Each kit includes a reusable recycling tote bag to help store, transport and deposit recyclable material in the designated recycling carts/bins and educational materials to help residents understand the recycling program. All residents of the Region of Durham are encouraged to participate in the Region's recycling program when available

Contact your building supervisor or manager to obtain a free Residents Recycling Kit if you do not already have one.