Multi-Residential Recycling program

Information for property owners, property managers or superintendents

The Region does not provide collection services to all multi-residential properties. The application process described below must be completed and approved before municipal waste collection service can be provided.

Eligibility for waste collection services by Durham Region

For a multi-residential property to be eligible for Durham Region waste collection services, the property owner or property manager must complete the Application Waste Collection Services on Private Property (PDF) and submit it for review and approval by the Region's Waste Management division. Please refer to the Region's By-law 46-2011, Schedule "P" Technical and Risk Management Guidelines for Waste Collection Services on Private Property for further information.

Building owners must provide the Region of Durham with the name, address, phone number, fax number and email address (if applicable) of the property manager or superintendent for each building for which they are requesting municipal waste collection. Changes to any of this information must be reported to the Region of Durham either by email to or by completing the Registration and change notice form and submitting it to the Region.

Failure to report information changes may result in temporary suspension of municipal waste collection services.

Supplies to promote recycling

The Region of Durham encourages participation in the Region's Multi-Residential Recycling program. Regular contact by Regional waste staff is provided to ensure recycling supplies and information are adequate to meet the needs of the buildings. Superintendents and managers may request additional carts/bins for their site. Please contact us for more information.

Multi-Residential Property Recycling Kits

Each kit includes a reusable recycling bag, a fridge magnet and a Resident's Recycling Guide. Please take the time to discuss recycling in your building or complex with your new residents when they move into your building. If you run out of kits, you may order more kits by using the Online Order Form or contact the Region at Kits are provided and delivered to you at no cost.

Assistance for Property owners, managers and superintendents

The Region of Durham waste management division provides a comprehensive Recycling Guide for property owners, managers and superintendents. This guide outlines the waste diversion programs available in all buildings. Additional multi-residential recycling programs have been introduced at some multi-residential sites, including:

Contact the Region for information on the criteria to start one of these programs at your site.

Overseeing the recycling and waste collection services for the residents in multi-residential properties is the responsibility of the building staff. The Region's role is to provide collection services and to assist where possible to educate tenants/residents of the options for the diversion of waste and supply promotional and educational material for the site.

Please contact the Region of Durham at if your building requires additional carts/bins for recycling, updated labels, additional information or any other information about your multi-residential waste and recycling collection program.