Hydrant use in Durham Region

Fire hydrant ring The Region of Durham has a Hydrant Permitting Program and only licensed water haulers are allowed to take water from a hydrant.

The Hydrant Permitting Program and Water By-law detail how companies, such as water haulers, are allowed to legally take water they have paid for during the spring, summer and fall. Through the permitting program, there are many legitimate users of fire hydrants. However, every year thousands of litres of water are illegally taken from hydrants across Durham Region.

Residents pay for the water in hydrants and illegal use increases water system costs and threatens the water quality. If you want to know if a company taking water from a hydrant in your neighbourhood has a permit and is complying with that permit, please record the company name, vehicle license plate number and approximate location of the hydrant.

To report suspected water theft, please call 905-668-7711 or 1-800-372-1102 ext. 3488 (or email watertheft@durham.ca) with details about the location, company name, licence plate, and/or a photograph if possible.

Look for the ring!

The Region of Durham has new plastic rings to help the public quickly identify which hydrants are permitted water filling stations. The ring contains the Regional logo, identifies the hydrant as a permitted filling station, and provides a contact number to report unauthorized use.

If a hydrant doesn't have a plastic ring and someone is taking water from it; they are stealing water!

Water Supply System by-law number 89-2003