Community of Blackstock Municipal Groundwater Wells

The Community of Blackstock has three (3) groundwater based municipal wells available to service their residents, designated as MW1 and MW7 and MW8.

Municipal well MW1 has been in service since the communal water system for Blackstock was originally developed. Municipal well MW8 has been on-line since spring 2003. MW7 has been drilled, but is not in use at this time.

The 50-day, 1-year, 2-year, 5-year, 10-year and 25-year capture zones have been delineated for each Blackstock well field at their maximum permitted capacity.

The capture area for MW1 extends southeast and is approximately 850 metres long and 150 metres wide covering about 7.7 hectares. The capture areas for MW7 and MW8 (for either well but not both together) also extend southeast and are wider than the WHPA for MW1. The WHPA extends mostly beneath the residential area of the Hamlet, covers about 43 hectares of land and is approximately 1,100 metres long and 400 metres wide.

What Did We Find?

The recharge areas for the Blackstock municipal wells consist of largely residential lands within the Hamlet, some open space and agricultural lands. On-site sewage disposal systems containing household chemicals could arise in the capture zone.

There are agricultural activities that occur within WHPA . If fertilizers and pesticides are used for these crop productions, the chemicals contained in fertilizers and pesticides can percolate into soils and contaminate groundwater.

The types of contaminants associated with the various land uses are monitored at the municipal wells based on the current drinking water standard requirements. To date, there is no indication that these chemicals have percolated through the protective layer of native soils and are not detected in Blackstock's municipal wells.