Hamlet of Greenbank Municipal Groundwater Wells

The Hamlet of Greenbank is serviced by five (5) low capacity groundwater based municipal wells designated as MW1 through MW6. Well MW2 has been inactivated and is presently used for groundwater monitoring.

The 50-day, 1-year, 2-year, 5-year, 10-year and 25-year capture zones are delineated for the Greenbank well field. The capture zones of the municipal wells of Greenbank all extend northeast of the well locations. The following are the approximate dimensions of each municipal well capture zone:

What Did We Find?

MW1 is located in the southeast quadrant of the Hamlet of Greenbank. The WHPA for this well occurs mainly within residential lands. On-site sewage disposal systems containing household chemicals could appear in the capture zone; however, there is no indication that impacts have occurred to groundwater quality within this area.

Wells MW3, MW4, MW5 and MW6 are located in the northwest quadrant of the Hamlet of Greenbank and WHPA these wells contain mostly agricultural lands. Agricultural chemicals could originate in the capture zone; however, there is no indication that groundwater quality has been affected in these areas.