Community of Orono Municipal Groundwater Wells

The Community of Orono is serviced by the two (2) municipal drilled wells MW3 and MW4 that have been in operation since 1986. The wells are located on the north side of Concession Road 5, west of Orono and Ochonski Road, and just east of Wilmot Creek.

Since Orono municipal wells are located within close proximity of one another, one (1) set of capture zones for the two (2) wells were predicted with the model. The 50-day, 1-year, 2-year, 5-year, 10-year and 25-year capture zones are delineated for Orono well field at their maximum permitted capacities. The capture zone for MW3 and MW4 at the permitted capacity extends north and northeast from the wells, consistent with groundwater flow. The WHPA is approximately 550 metres wide by 2,000 metres long and covers an area of about 44 hectares.

What Did We Find?

Lands within the WHPA consist of mainly open space in close proximity to the wells. A few residential properties and some agricultural land are located within the WHPA. Residential land use is considered to be a low-risk source of potential groundwater contaminants.

Historic groundwater quality data from the Orono municipal wells MW1 and MW2 has shown evidence of degradation due to elevated levels of sodium at a concentration above Ontario Drinking Water Standards. These two municipal wells were deactivated and decommissioned.