Community of Port Perry Municipal Groundwater Wells

The Community of Port Perry is serviced by three (3) high capacity groundwater based municipal wells designated as MW3, MW5 and MW6. These three (3) wells are located along Regional Road 2, about three (3) kilometres south of the Community of Port Perry.

The 50-day, 1-year, 2-year, 5-year, 10-year and 25-year capture zones have been delineated for Port Perry wells field at their maximum permitted capacity. The WHPA for all these wells extends south of the well field towards the crest of the Oak Ridges Moraine (ORM) and covers about 301 hectares of land (1900 metres long and 1900 metres wide).

What Did We Find?

The WHPA for Port Perry wells is located within agricultural lands, open space and some rural residential lands. Agricultural chemicals may originate in the capture area; however, there is no indication that impacts have occurred to groundwater quality within this area. The study results indicate that twenty (20) to thirty (30) metres of fine grained sediments (glacial till) overlaying the water bearing zones and upward hydraulic gradients provide a high degree of protection to the aquifer supplying water to Port Perry municipal wells.