Village of Sunderland Municipal Groundwater Wells

The Village of Sunderland is serviced by two (2) groundwater based municipal wells, designated as MW1 and MW2, located on the south side of River Street East (6 th Concession Road) adjacent and east of the Beaver River. The Village of Sunderland is located west of the Beaver River.

The 50-day, 1-year, 2-year, 5-year, 10-year and 25-year capture zones are delineated for the Sunderland well field at their maximum permitted capacity. The capture zone for MW1 and MW2 extends in a southeast direction, consistent with groundwater flow. The WHPA both wells covers a combined area of approximately 183 hectares (900 metres by 2,750 metres).

What Did We Find?

Land use within the 25-year capture zone consists mainly of aggregate extraction, open space, agricultural and rural residential. Crops and livestock are the agricultural activities that occur within the capture zone area or around the capture area. The types of contaminants associated with farming operations are monitored at the municipal wells based on the current drinking water standard requirements.

Land use is not considered a high-risk use to the provision of safe drinking water; however, operators of aggregate resources need to incorporate wellhead protection strategies into site operations and aggressively apply Best Management Practices.

Rural residential areas are not high-risk areas for contamination; however, the use of household products may enter the groundwater system via on-site sewage (septic) systems or from the use of outdoor chemicals.