Save-on-Energy Programs

Durham Region benefits from an array of Save-on-Energy programs offered through the Local Distribution Companies across the province. Businesses and residents can use the programs for a wide range of energy conservation opportunities.


Under Small Business Lighting program qualified facilities can get up to $1,500 in energy-efficient lighting and equipment upgrades and gain access to further incentives. Forty-nine of Durham Region’s facilities, with electricity demand less than 50 KW, have been assessed. Twenty-five of them qualified for the program and the lighting retrofit has been completed at several sites. The energy saving in all those facilities will be around 80,000 KWh, and could result in $7,700 cost saving annually.

Regional HQ
Regional Headquarters - Parking Garage

Under the Retrofit program incentives are available for high efficiency equipment such as lighting, motors and heating and for installing new control systems to improve the overall efficiency of the building.

Lighting retrofit of the Regional Headquarters garage under the Save-on-Energy Retrofit program, was one important project which could save 58 per cent annually in electricity costs.

Ajax Water Supply Plant
Ajax Water Supply Plant

The refurbishing of pump efficiency restores efficiency which was lost over time through wear and tear, and implements high efficiency coating technology of impellers. Projects are proposed at Ajax WSP for High Lift Pump #7, Low Lift Pump #4, and High Lift Pump #1, and funding application are submitted under the Save-on-Energy program.

Embedded Energy Manager (EEM) proposed for Duffin Creek WPCP represents another opportunity offered by the Save-on-Energy programs. The EEM has to establish an Energy Management Plan for the facility which includes specific actions, projects, timelines and accountabilities. The objective is to achieve the minimum energy savings of 300 kW as an annual savings target. The application for EEM at Duffin Creek WPCP has been approved by Veridian Connections.