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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: the following information will be updated as new details become available.

Note: Information published Tuesday, July 7 as of 1:25 p.m.

Q. When will the previous building be demolished?

A. The new Fairview Lodge was scheduled to be constructed in phases. The final stage is the demolition of the old Fairview Lodge, which will allow for the creation of the parking lot and grounds. The primary focus of Regional staff and our contractor was ensuring that the new home was ready for occupancy.

Q. When will the official opening take place? Will all residents be moved in before this date?

A. The official opening will be on Sept. 25. It is scheduled to take place after all residents have moved in. We are looking forward to this event, and staff will ensure it is well publicized.

Q. Will a tour of the new building be provided?

A. A tour of the Resident Home Area is planned for residents and their families. Please call 905-668-5851 for additional details. Please note that due to the large volume of interest, we are only accommodating tours once the Central East Community Care Access Centre has offered the resident a bed.

Q. Will families be able to go into the new building in advance of their loved ones, in order to set up the room?

A. No, rooms will be fully furnished prior to admission with built-ins, and include a free standing night table and chair. A bedspread is optional; the resident may use their own or one can be provided. Families will be free to personalize the room on the day of admission or after. Environmental Services staff will be available to hang pictures etcetera. Families are reminded that all electrical equipment (e.g. TVs, lamps) must be CSA approved and safety checked by Environmental staff.

Q. Where do I park while visiting at Fairview Lodge?

A. Parking is limited. The temporary front entrance to the new home is located in the receiving area, at the north corner, on the west side of the building off of Cochrane Street. Signs will be clearly posted to provide residents and families with directions. There is some parking including some reserved accessible spots close by the new home. There are many parking spots near the previous building. There is some parking available on Cochrane Street and the nearby church parking lot, as well as in the back off High Street.

Q. Will there be an arts and crafts room in the new Fairview Lodge?

A. There are multi-purpose activity rooms in each Resident Home Area.

Q. Will residents and family have access to “public” Wi-Fi?

A. We have computers available for resident use, and we are in the process of acquiring iPads that residents can sign out for a period of time. We are also investigating the possibility of introducing Wi-Fi hot spots in some common areas of the home. Residents requiring Wi-Fi, for their own personal use in their room, will have to make appropriate arrangements with a service provider of their choice.

Q. Will residents be able to choose their cable provider? Is there a “seniors” package (similar to hotels) that has local home information on a special channel, old movies and favourites of interest to seniors?

A. Basic cable package is available through Fairview Lodge and charged to the trust account. It is up to each resident to choose their own service provider, package, and make appropriate arrangements for payment over and above the basic plan.

Q. Who is responsible for setting up phone service and/or cable?

A. It is the responsibility of the resident or Substitute Decision Maker to arrange for phone service.

Q. Will all resident rooms have curtains, as well as blinds?

A. Yes, blinds and curtains have been installed in all rooms.

Q. How large is the space for a TV in the new rooms?

A. There is approximately 32 inches of space for a television.

Q. There is a locked memory box at the entrance to each resident room. Who will be the keeper of the key?

A. Residents/families can obtain a key for their respective memory box from the front receptionist. Please ensure that the key is returned to front reception.

Q. Does the new Fairview Lodge have a fire plan?

A. Yes. The new Fairview Lodge has a state-of-the art fire system monitored 24-hours a day by an outside company. The building has a full sprinkler system and a number of fire separation doors on each Resident Home Area. This allows for a greater amount of evacuation time if required.

The home's fire plan has been reviewed and approved by the Whitby Fire Department. We will continue to work closely with Whitby Fire to ensure that we comply with any recommendations they bring forward. We will continue to train our staff and have three fire drills every month.

Q. Can we change the room type from our original request?

A. There is naturally going to be a period during which residents become adjusted to their new surroundings. Staff is available to answer questions and concerns, and while suggestions are welcome, requests for room changes during this initial adjustment time will be considered only if a safety issue is involved.

Q. Will it be possible for a resident to upgrade from a semi-private room to a private one at the new Fairview Lodge? Will the existing wait list be honoured?

A. Residents who were in private rooms have been offered private rooms again. We will then offer our private rooms in accordance with the existing wait list.

Q. Are there criteria for placement of a resident on Marigold Lane (secured) unit?

A. All residents returning to Fairview Lodge will be assessed, in order to plan for their safe care. Recommendations for admission to Marigold Lane will be made by clinicians and discussed with the Substitute Decision Maker prior to a final determination being made.

Q. Is there a secure outdoor space for residents on Marigold Lane?

A. Yes, there will be a secure outdoor space. Completion is anticipated by the end of this year.

Q. Will the ventilation system help to reduce odours resulting from incontinent products?

A. The rooms in which soiled materials are stored have been designed with exhaust systems to alleviate the spread of odours within the building. There should be little or no odour migration into the occupied floor area.

Q. Will the tables in the dining room be able to accommodate the different height and size of wheelchairs without having to isolate a resident at a special table?

A. Yes, however, there are typically four residents sitting at a dining table, and we need to accommodate all residents. There may still be occasion where a resident is at a table by themselves, if that table needs to be adjusted such that no one else can eat there; however, this is an exception. We will do our best to ensure a pleasant dining experience for all residents.

Q. Will the staff-to-resident ratio be the same as before the fire?

A. Yes, the resident-to-staff ratio will be the same as the previous Fairview Lodge.

Q. Is all previous staff coming back?

A. Unless staff has been successful to an internal posting and permanently transferred to another Regional long-term care home, or resigned, they will be returning to Fairview Lodge.

Should you have any additional questions, please call 905-668-5851 or email