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Hillsdale Estates The Residents' Council

Residents' Council members

The Residents' Council holds monthly meetings in the Auditorium (with the exception of July, August and December when no meetings are held). These meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 2pm. The Council Executive encourages all residents to bring forth any suggestions or concerns they may have to these meetings for discussion.

The Residents' Council holds regular fundraising raffles throughout the year to help cover the costs of special projects and events for Residents.

The terms of reference and the minutes of the Residents' Council meetings are available for everyone to read, and they are located in a red binder at the front reception desk.

The Hillsdale Estates Residents' Council is in place to assist Residents in having a voice in their home. Residents are encouraged to contact any member of the Council Executive should they have questions or concerns they wish to have addressed at the monthly meetings. The Executive is very committed to advocating and improving the quality of life for all Residents living at Hillsdale Estates.