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Long-Term Care and Services for Seniors

Hillsdale Terraces The Residents' Council

The Residents' Council at Hillsdale Terraces provides a venue for residents to manage their surroundings and maintain opportunities for decision making in their lives. Residents meet the second Wednesday of every month to discuss current trends and concerns in the home, recognize and encourage skills and talents while providing a forum where residents can voice their opinion and ensure their needs are being met while promoting a quality of life within the Home.

Home Management are invited to attend meetings to provide updates on administrative concerns and initiatives in the home. Through Residents Council residents work towards a common goal of ensuring voices are heard, advocating on residents rights and promoting community involvement while focusing on initiatives such as fundraising and future programs.

Maisie Jeffery is our President of Residents Council and continues to lead and promote attendance at the meeting. She is an active member of the Home and in her community. If any residents have concerns they know that they can approach her for her opinion and or the opportunity to discuss and resolve their issues at the meetings.