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Child Care and Children's Programs

Finding unlicensed child care

Give yourself a lot of time to find suitable care:

  • Ask friends, relatives and neighbours if they know of anyone who is offering child care. (Ask the superintendent if you live in an apartment building.)
  • Check bulletin boards in the laundromats, grocery stores and plazas.
  • Post notices wherever people advertise.
  • Ask your doctor, public health nurse, local school principal and other professionals who work with children.
  • Advertise in the classified section of your community paper and the daily papers. Be sure to list the number and ages of children, hours and days you need care, where (your home or his/hers) and the area of the city (give the main intersection).
  • Ask at your church or synagogue or inquire at the other local churches.
  • Check with retired people in your neighbourhood, local retirement homes or senior citizen clubs.
  • Check at the local Ontario Early Years Centre, Recreation Centre, YWCA and Parent/Child Centre.
  • Check with the Community Information Centres. They may have a list of caregivers.