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Child Care and Children's Programs

Licensed home child care

If licensed home child care is your choice, check whether the home has:

  • A clean, comfortable look, and enough space inside and outside for the children.
  • Enough furniture, toys and equipment for all of the children.
  • Equipment that is safe, attractive and age appropriate.
  • Been "child proofed" (e.g. smoke detectors installed, fire extinguisher, electrical outlets covered, etc.)

Does the caregiver:

  • Appear to be warm and friendly?
  • Have child-rearing attitudes and methods that are similar to your own?
  • Understand children and their individual needs?
  • Provide activities that encourage children to think things through, become independent, problem solve, etc.?
  • Encourage good health habits (e.g. hand washing) and healthy eating habits?
  • Provide a routine and rules that the children can understand and follow?
  • Appear willing to take time to discuss your child with you regularly?
  • Have previous experience or training in working with children?

Additional items to consider:

  • Is the smoking/non-smoking policy within the home acceptable to you?
  • Are there pets in the home?
  • Have you had the opportunity to meet with the home visitor and/or agency staff?