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Child Care and Children's Programs


Make a thorough inspection of the areas your child will be using in the home. You may want to use this safety checklist as you are going through the home.

A safety checklist:

For caregivers when child proofing, and for parents doing a safety check.

  • Install smoke detectors on every floor in your home and test regularly.
  • Cover electrical outlets with safety plugs, when not in use.
  • Replace any worn electrical cords or plugs.
  • Safety pins, beads, small toys and other small objects that could choke a young child should be stored out of reach.
  • Turn pot handles toward the centre of the stove. Use back burners of the stove for cooking whenever possible.
  • Keep perfumes and cosmetics out of reach.
  • Ensure that fireplaces and wood-burning stoves have proper screening.
  • Keep knives, scissors, razor blades and needles out of reach.
  • Use safety gates at the top and bottom of staircases when caring for young children.
  • Install high latches on all doors that children should not use.
  • Never use plastic bags underneath sheets to waterproof children's beds. Use fitted plastic sheets or mattress pads.
  • Use decorative decals on glass doors at a child's eye level, so that they don't walk through or bump into them.
  • Tape down rug corners firmly.
  • Remove electrical cords from children's reach, so they cannot pull small appliances down on themselves.
  • Keep stairways uncluttered and well lit.
  • Remove any peeling paint from furniture and inside or outside the house.
  • Many common household plants are poisonous. If you are not sure about a plant, keep it out of reach.
  • All firearms must be locked up. Ammunition must be locked up and stored separately.
  • Ensure that household pets are inoculated against rabies.
  • Remove objects and furnishings with sharp edges from children's areas in your home or cover table corners, etc. with padding.
  • Keep freezers locked.